UJO Framework 0.71

There is published a stable version of new project UJO Framework under Apache License, version 2.0. The framework is interesting for its different object architecture in compare to JavaBeans. The original idea was caused by a vagary with a generic data types of Java 5.0, over time it appears, that the architecture have got number of a interesting features.

The current version offers:
  • XML persistence of object tree, each object can control an access to its attributes
  • easy collaboration with a Swing tables
  • short learning curve, the solution is built on two interfaces only
  • interest architecture with an unconventional data access.
There is possible to study all features of the framework by an referential project called jWorkSheet. More information are available on a home page of the project include a short tutorial.

Thank you for some response.


UJO Framework 0.70

New release contains an English documentation and can be downloaded from SourceForge.