UJO Framework 0.92 was released

What does this framework? It is a Java framework with a powerful object architecture for a common use - include an object-relation mapping (ORM) for a rapid development. The unique object architecture is suitable for to different text persistence, building new common generic functions due its easy introspection or a data binding for example.

The core changes of the release 0.92

  • the method UjoProperty.getValue() replaces the value of null for default - instead of the original method Ujo.readValue() in the previous release!
  • two UjoProperties can be easily concatenated using the new type safe method add(...)
  • the base UJO objects support the 'java.io.Serializable' feature - include the OrmTable
  • code cleaning, extended JavaDoc, small bug fixing
The Ujorm changes:
  • Enum support is done by mapping to a numeric DB type
  • custom Java type mapping is supported by extending the class TypeService
  • the new method OrmHandler.findPropertiesByTypeClass(Class) for common use is done
  • simplified SQL dialect implementations is done include the ORACLE support
  • a new feature available by method Sesssion.isRollbackOnly()
  • default value for parameter SEQUENCE_CACHE is 100 (instead of original 64)
  • reading a null value from ResultSet is fixed
  • the MySqlDialect if fixed, an explicit use of  the engine 'InnoDB' was implemented