Ujorm 1.31 released

There is available a new release of Ujorm framework, the major changes are:
  • database statements UPDATE or DELETE supports entity relations in the Criterion - including batch mode
  • SQL entity and column names can be "quoted" optionally in the real SQL statements, for more information see the method: MetaParams.setQuotedSqlNames()
  • the one critical bug is fixed for some cases of the lazy loading
  • explicitly defined Key name created using a factory is fixed now
  • there is available the new great plugging to NetBeans IDE to generate getters and setters easy for UJO - thanks to Martin Mahr
See a more information on the release notes page.

Getter Generator for NetBeans

I would like to introduce a new open-source plugin designed for NetBeans IDE 7.2 which is used for generating getters and setters of the UJO objects by its Keys. The source  is ready to download on the SourceForge repository code include binaries. To illustrate see a few screenshots:

1. Download a file type "nbm" from SourceForge to a local directory and call the NB-plugin manager to install the plugin:

2. The new plugin we can find in the context menu on the place, where we have actions for generate getters and setters for the ordinary JavaBeans:

3. The dialog lets as select a Keys to getters and setters. The last option below under the list enables to copy a JavaDoc from Keys to the methods.

4. Result: The generated code will look similar to the following:

For this plugin deserve our thanks to the author Martin Mahr.