UJO Framework release 0.85

The UJO Framework was essentially extended to version 0.85. This release can be used in a Maven structure project by the dependency tag:


The most importat changes are:

  • the first Map & Ujo implementation called MapImplUjo is published
  • new annotation @XmlElementBody supports a XML body value now
  • List serialization of the plain objects is supported, e.g. List<Integer>
  • text serialization of the type java.sql.Date is supported
  • interface UjoProperty has new methods for a direction of sorting: isAscending(), descending()
  • new method UjoPropertyList.isItemTypeOf(Class) tests that property type is a type (or subtype) of the parameter
  • new interface UjoMiddle extends the Ujo interface in four methods (set, get, setText, getText)