Ujorm 1.00 released

I would like to announce that the ORM framework Ujorm 1.00 has been released. The open-source framework was designed for the rapid Java development based on a relation database and the framework provides a type-safe API for database queries so the most of typing errors are detected before running the application. Developer can take an advantage of a code-completion in their favorite IDE at coding time.

The Ujorm has implemented a lot of changes that have been designed on the desire of developers of real applications in the last year. Important features include:
  • session and transaction management by the Spring framework
  • optimized performance and extended API
  • new documentation
  • positive feedback from the production deployment

A development of several new projects based on Ujorm is on the way. The message from the developers added: "We have gained a good experience with the Ujorm and we plan other projects with it!"

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