jWorkSheet 0.81 is released

The last changes:
  • the better security of your personal data: if the data.xml file is missing or is empty, the application tries to restore a backup and show an info dialog
  • the first application parameter can specify a data directory (for a portable launching e.g.)
  • sorting the project description is allowed by a click on the table header
  • UJO Framework release 0.81 is used


Stijn said...

I'm currently using the 0.81 version. It's a great small tool to keep track of what is done when. But unfortunately I've tested the new backup functionality also now. The only problem is that the valid backup was from 2 days ago, so I've lost all the information from yesterday.
Maybe it's a good idea to build in an option that automatically takes a backup every hour, ... without overwriting the previous backup.
I also know a little java, so if wanted I'll can give a hand to build something like this.

kemie said...

i just discovered your application and i love it. it's just the right balance of features/simplicity. there's 2 things that i'm missing, though:
- a calendar-style datepicker for the "go to" functionality. it's be much easier to select a date.
-it took me a bit to figure out what the labels "time" and "period" meant... maybe rename period to "hours" or # of hours"?

thank you very much for this tool!

kemie said...

I actually may have misundertood how those labels (and the whole application logic, maybe?) work.
If yesterday I worked 2 hours on project a and 3 on project b, i would like to go back and input 2.00 on period choose porject a, and on the next line input 3.00 on project b, but as it seems set up right now, i NEED to input the hours i worked (8:00, 10:00). Would it be possible to make the time of day optional? In my situation it does not really matter if i worked on project a at 8, 10 or 4

PPonec said...

Hallo Kemie, you can modify a period of the last event directly. Use a decimal number with hourse unit or an integer number for a minute unit.

Tip: see a yellow area.

michi said...

Very nice tool, exactly what I needed. Some minor GUI flaws:
- Time and Period columns are not fully resizable (I can only read "Peri...")
- in the report menu, the labels of the first optionboxes are not readable ("Sel...", "Pre...")
I'm using Linux, maybe the widgets look differently on windows.

It would add value to the app if it would be possible to define duration estimates for your tasks. Then, if a task is marked as finished, it could calculate the difference (percentage and actual time). Would be helpful for your personal estimation improvement :-)

TinkerBell said...


I am using jWorksheet successfully for some years now but after the last Java update, Java refuses to start it, complaining about an error in the manifest.

If I confirm this message, jWorksheet throws an exception saying "Can't load data.xml".
Seems that Java enforces stricter security policies now...

Is there a possibility to make it run again, maybe a workaround or a bug fix?

Thank you & greetings,