UJO Framework release 0.80

The UJO Framework was essentially extended to version 0.80. Some news are:

  • the new interface UjoExt is available for a better comfort to developers. The interface supports for example a chaining of properties or setters
  • optimized deserialization of UJO objects, which is now faster as JAXB 2.1.
  • simplification of some methods by a new interface UjoAction

UJO Framework provides objects with a different architecture from JavaBeans. The original idea was a toy with generic data types of Java 5.0 however over time it appears, that the architecture has some exciting features:
  • an easy object introspection without a heavy PropertyDescriptor implementation
  • a transfer of the UJO properties (not values) by a collection to a method
  • the core of the building has two interfaces for an easy implementation

These properties open up new possibilities for the use in the J2EE mainly in a production of generic operations over objects. Framework contains some tools for managing the UJO object in addition. See a short motivational presentation for more information.
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You can find a link to a reference application called jWorkSheet on the project home page.
The jWorkSheet is a project time tracker desktop application which uses the architecture UJO objects consistently for all persistent objects.

I welcome all feedback and comments.


Sando said...

I have started using the framework and i like it. One of my biggest needs right now is to persist the objects to a database. how soon will this implementation be ready?

PPonec said...

Thank you for your response.
UJO objects can be stored to a database already by framwork Cayenne. This framework have a no direct support for the UJO architecture, however its Modeler generates Cayenne persistent objects using a template. Them you can edit the template easily so that the persistent object implement the Ujo interface (or UjoExt)

It is not certain yet whether and when I will realize an own ORM solution. The decision is based on the potential popularity of UJO architecture among developers.
I can't estimate the deveolopment time, but due my limited time I suppose that the first beta version can be released as soon as 3-6 months after the decision.

AboeBakr said...

is it possible to implement the sort button for the description of projects/tasks in jworksheet? a simple alphabetical sort will do just fine..
when the list of projects/tasks gets longer, it gets messy..
thanks a bunch!

Ujo said...

The new release 0.81 of jWorkSheet can sort Projects and Tasks by a description using a column header button.

Ujo said...

Sando, see the next link about a database persistence: http://ujoframework.blogspot.com/2009/08/ujorm-new-high-performance-orm-for-java.html