jWorkSheet 0.78.1 is released

The jWorkSheet is a personal desktop application intended for a tracking time of your projects, data are presented in a spreadsheet like format. It is a a referential application of UJO Framework.

The changes:
  • new report "Detail report in a table format" is done
  • complementary user CSS definition is supported in application parameters
  • there is possible to modify a header date format of the new report by new parameter "DateReportFormat2"
  • report design was improved by CSS style
  • better performance of data saving


AboeBakr said...

This is what I was looking for!

Would be nice to be able to set the number of hours a week one works as well.


Ujo said...

it is possible the number of week working hours divide by working days
and the result write into parameter: WorkingHours. Is it a solution?

AboeBakr said...

Although not perfect, it is a solution!

The tool is spot on!
perfect for me!